Sarongs from Thaidecco

Check out our Sarongs and Pareos! Popular garments with great colors and designs that are widely used. Each sarong has fringes and can be used for a variety of uses. First and foremost, they are associated with beach, sea, sun and bath! It is not so strange because you use the sarong as both sun mat, quick-drying towel and a quick change to a beach dress or beach dress on the beach or around the pool. They dry incredibly fast and the sand never gets stuck when shaken off very simple. If the sunbeams are too hot, you can easily protect yourself by covering them with their heads or shoulders. A good tip and an alternative to sunscreen if you have probably forgotten the bottle at home.

But a sarong is so much more. It will help you pack a bag as a shock absorber. If you have delicate items in the gasket you wrap them in. If you have wet swimwear, the sarong protects the other packing against the moisture. You can cover the windows to transparency, decorate a table or a bed and easily put color on life with the colorful models! Many people decorate walls with sarongs.

We have sarongs in several different designs and models as single-color models, with color printing, mono print and printed patterns. Check out our range and find your favorite!