Thai pillows has a long tradition in the history, and is a very popular detail in many Thai homes. These days you also find thai pillows in beach bars and restaurants, hotels, resorts and more.

Thai pillows are handmade in weaving machines that create pillowcase that later filled with 100% natural Kapok from the nature. This filling material is organic and produced without any chemicals or additives, has very good qualities and is ideal for this type of pillows. The head section is also completed with wrapped straw to maintain the distinctive pyramid structure for many years.

These pillows are not only wonderfully beautiful to look at, they have of course also a wide functional range of user situations in which they are placed. The pillows are manufactured in various sizes, from only pyramid head section without folding seat to a long fold sun bed with three fold out pieces. Also, extra wide models in 80 cm are available in our assortment.

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