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Thai Pillows and Floor Mattresses from Thaidecco
Thai Pillows and Floor Mattresses from Thaidecco
Harem Pants and Aladdin Pants from Thaidecco
Sarongs and Pareos from Thaidecco
Thai wooden games and dice games from Thaidecco
Waving lucky cats from Thaidecco

Thai pillows, triangle cushions, floor mattresses, hammocks, thai pants and wooden games

Thaidecco - A piece of paradise! is the web shop that offering exotic products from Thailand. The range consists of Thai pillows and triangle pillows, different floor mattresses, sitting pillows and floor cushions, FairTrade hammocks, Thai fisherman pants, aladdin pants and harems pants, popular Thai wooden games, weaving lucky cats Maneki Nekos and more.

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We sell Asian products from Thailand

We constantly strive for the best possible shopping experience in our online store with deliveries from our local warehouse in Sweden, secure payment options and the highest possible product quality on our selected range. The team behind Thaidecco store has a genuine interest in Thailand and its fantastic, practical and decorative craftsmanship, which has resulted in this online store. We have a long-standing relationship with our suppliers, we believe in genuine craftsmanship and our exotic range that you will find in our online store.