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About Thaidecco runs by Swahn Utility AB and is approved for tax and VAT registration in Sweden. Our warehouse is located in Vanersborg at Vänern's beautiful south tip, the biggest lake in Sweden. The design of our online store is responsive and all features are optimized for all types of connected devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones with different screen dimensions.

There is something special about Thailand. Great people, wonderful nature and exciting cultural experiences. And so we have the magical thai pillows and mats with its origin from Southeast Asia and Thailand. When the sun slowly hides behind the horizon, the beach umbrellas and deck chairs changes out to the low table and thai pads that spreads out on all the paradise beaches as the land of smiles Thailand offers. The Thai pillows, also called triangle pillows or pyramid cushions, are a popular interior detail and also a functional furniture that visitors to Thailand usually get acquainted with. They are located in hotels and resorts, restaurants, beach bars, nightclubs and chill out bars, often in connection with the beautiful sea.

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The founder of, Thomas Swahn Lindberg, is not only a frequent visitor to Thailand, he also has a strong interest in the crafts tradition and the products used in Thailand far back in time. His knowledge and interest in Thailand, the people and its exciting range of interior details from Southeast Asia has resulted in this online store.

Thai pillows and triangle cushions outdoor

Communication, discussion and follow-up are an important part of our business, and we have close contact with our suppliers. Annual supplier visits are made to maintain a good, clear and fair communication that is one of the key pillars of our business concept. All photographs found on are taken by us and are fully owned by

Quality control of our products

We always control all products that are added to our warehouse. In the case of the thai pillows and cushions, they are visually inspected and vacuum cleaned. Eventual natural dust from manufacturing and transportation removes, and a simple cleaning is included in our product control before our inventory is shipped to the end customer. In the picture, we see our Thomas, who visually examines part of an incoming product shipment to our warehouse.

Quality check of thai pillows

"An idea, a creation, a beautiful handicraft.

Thai cushions are locally produced by handicraft people of the northern province of Chiang Mai and is created along with the joy of life and paradise feeling that the country offers. And the magic feeling comes with the triangular cushions.

- It is a contributing source of joy to have the opportunity to relax on a Thai cushion placed on a hot sun deck on a summer day, or in front of the fireplace on a cold January night. A beautiful handcraft with great exotic character.

Thomas Swahn Lindberg"