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19 Mar Floor pillows for home | Both indoor and outdoor use
Thomas 0 2216
Floor cushions for use both indoors and outdoors. Check out our models, sizes and color choices! Each floor cushion is handmade and filled with natural Kapok directly from the nature. That is why they..
21 Jul Floor Mattresses & Sunbeds | Handmade from Thailand |
0 2114
Exclusively handmade floor mattresses and sunbeds for both indoor and outdoor use. Several models like Floor mattresses Roll-Up and Floor mattresses folding Block models, sizes and colors. 100% natura..
08 May Airy Pants for Women & Men | Handmade, comfortable & cozy pants
0 2048
Check out our Harem pants in Unisex models. Both for women and men in different sizes, models and color choices. Each Harem pants is handmade for the best feeling. These pants fit perfectly into every..
14 Apr Big Thai Pillow & Triangle Cushion sizes | Check out our range here!
Thomas 0 1785
Wooden games from Thailand - We have the big favorites in the range! Check out the fun and social games that you have probably run over if you have ever visited the Land of smiles in Asia. Jenga The ..
16 Feb Big Thai Pillow & Triangle Cushion sizes | Check out our range here!
Thomas 0 1393
Are you looking for big Thai pillows and triangle pillows? Then you've found the right place! You will find these pillows in sizes Thai Pillows XL and Thai Pillows Jumbo XXL in our range. The XL pillo..
05 Feb Waving lucky cats - New sizes and colors in our big assortment!
0 1625
Waving lucky cats - We are happy to introduce new sizes and color choices in our range! Golden, white, silver and black cute cats are back in stock again. These cats are available in sizes from 11 cm..
23 Mar Thai pillows for home and garden
07 Dec Triangle pillows, Thai cushions, Thai sun bed, Exotic floor cushions...
Thomas 0 2370
The triangle pillow with the folding seat and body parts not only fulfills a home decorative task, but fills a practical function during use and creates a well-being of the user. The triangle pillows ..
10 Aug Jenga Jumbo - The giant outdoor wooden game!
Thomas 0 1435
Jenga Jumbo is the popular wooden game made in giant format with a height of 61 cm from the beginning of the game! We have produced this wooden game for many fun hours outdoors in the garden. The gam..
09 Aug V-weave FairTrade Jumbo hammocks from Thailand
Thomas 0 1253
We fill up our stock with the wonderful handmade v-weave hammocks from Thailand! These magical Fair Trade products is handmade with the utmost accuracy. The hammocks are not traditionally fabric weave..
08 Aug Beckoning lucky cats - More luck to the people!
Thomas 0 858
We fill up our stock with more Japanese beckoning lucky cats - Maneki Neko's. Magic lucky cats in different sizes and in colors like gold, silver and white. We always deliver the cats with batteries. ..
07 Aug Thai cushion - What is that?
Thomas 0 980
Thai pillows has a long tradition in the history, and is a very popular detail in many Thai homes. These days you also find thai pillows in beach bars and restaurants, hotels, resorts and more. Thai ..
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