Floor cushions for use both indoors and outdoors. Check out our models, sizes and color choices! Each floor cushion is handmade and filled with natural Kapok directly from the nature. That is why they are so popular with asthmatics and families with children due to the natural filling. The floor cushions are reinforced with double stitching for extra durability, which is appreciated by our customers.

Every floor cushion is made by hand

Every single pillow you look at is created, produced and created by hand. This makes them so fantastic. Combined with the functionality and the exotic colors, this becomes an interior decoration in itself when not in use. Our range includes everything from smaller cushions for backrest and support up to wide and large floor cushions that create a lot of room for relaxation and relaxation!

The pillows can be used both indoors and outdoors

During the cold season, place them on the floor in front of the fireplace or TV. Often as a complement or even a replacement for the traditional sofa. In the summer when the weather offers an outdoor stay, the pillows usually move out onto the terrace or the wooden deck in the garden. A wonderful feeling of relaxation on the pillow is promised!

Floor pillows from Thaidecco