The triangle pillow with the folding seat and body parts not only fulfills a home decorative task, but fills a practical function during use and creates a well-being of the user. The triangle pillows are available in several exciting, exotic color choices and different sizes for all types of usage situations.

Triangle pillow without seat:

The triangular cushion without lining fits perfectly as a complement to other furniture. The triangular pillow can also be used to support the back when sitting on a floor surface and is popular as a decorative pillow. A link to the product category in our web shop can be found here.

Triangle pillow with a folding seat:

This size is the smallest model of the triangle cushions that have folding seats. Overall lengths make this model suitable for limited floor space and for example around tables where a longer triple pillow would otherwise have been less practical. You can find our webshop product category here.

Triangle pillow with two folding seats:

This is the middle size of our tripod pillows with seat cushions. It consists of the main part with the special pyramid shape for back and head support, as well as two folding seats that also easily fold together when the pillow is not in use. The triangular pillow is quite large for most of the family and a popular feature in the social context, both outdoors in summer and indoors in the winter. Here you will find a link to our website's product category.

Triangle pillow with three folding seats:

The triangular pillow with three folding seats is the longest thaikudden in the range, and also the most popular. Many call the model for "Thaikuddarna's Rolls-Royce" and we agree! When stored, the thaikudden becomes an exotic interior detail with a big character. When the pillow is folded out and used, a powerful sense of paradise is created! If you have not spent an afternoon in the sun on a thaikudde you have to give yourself a promise and try. The triangular pillow of this size fits perfectly on balconies, terraces, wooden deck and summer breweries. When it's cold outside, the Thai cuddles move in front of the fireplace or the TV. The product category in our online store can be found here.

Triangle pillow XL with three folding parts:

This pillow consists of 15 Kapok-filled rolls in the main section (pyramid) compared with 10 pcs the standard size consists of. This creates a higher body that you lean on when using the pillow. Large and powerful pillow! See our range here.

Triangle cushion Jumbo XXL with three folding parts:

Our absolute largest triple pillow of 80 cm wide! In a laid-out position, it becomes a sunbed or base that contributes to a lot of relaxation space, enough for two people! Look closely at the Jumbo pillows here.