Wooden games from Thailand - We have the big favorites in the range! Check out the fun and social games that you have probably run over if you have ever visited the Land of smiles in Asia.

The classic companion game in the form of a wooden tower built on wooden blocks. It can feel easy at first as it is stable but after a while each removed wooden block is moved and placed at the top of the tower and it becomes more and more wobbly! A very popular game in all situations, such as the children's party, birthday parties, the barbecue party or the family dinner. Guarantees a lot of excitement and many laughs at the round of play! Who destroy the tower first? Challenge your loved ones! The wooden game is a given gift to give away to someone you like.

Jenga Jumbo for outdoor use
We manufacture our own large Jenga Jumbo wooden games for outdoor use! This game is advantageously used in the garden and is a given feature of the barbecue party or birthday party.

Shut The Box
These dice games come in several sizes from small to large games and colors such as Blue, Green and Red. With the two dice's different values, you must successfully turn the numbers 1-9 (1-12 for the Jumbo size) and thus get the Jackpot. For example, if you hit 2 + 5 on the dice then you have the opportunity to flip the number plate 2 or 5 or you can plus the dice values ​​which then becomes 7, and then you can choose to turn the number plate 7. You can only turn a number plate at a time when you have thrown the dice and then you have to turn the dice again. If you can turn all the numbers in a row when you play, you have got the Jackpot! A fun party game that can take longer than you think and it is guaranteed addictive once you have started playing!