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Floor mattresses | Foldable Block Mats | For home and garden

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Foldable mattresses for home and garden. Large and lovely fold-out mattresses with the right feeling! Unique handmade mats from Thailand. Each floor mat can be used for massage, relaxation, as a large sun pillow on the balcony or as an extra sleeping space in the home. These floor mats are a so-called block model that is foldable and consists of four parts that are easily folded together when the mattress is not used.

Foldable mattress for floor, living room, patio, wooden deck and garden

You can use the mattresses both indoors and outdoors. A given place in the living room in front of a movie, fireplace or a quiet moment together with a good book. During the summer season, they are popular to accompany in the warm sunshine. A wonderful summer afternoon on such a mattress is a wonderful feeling.

Floor mattresses block models from Thailand