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We offer abroad customers secured payment options through PayPal, which is our primary receiving payment system for abroad payments. Our company can also offer the customers payment options like direct Bank Transfer and trough Payson. We using UPS for shipments outside Sweden. The transport always include home delivery option.

We work on the basis of the following steps:

1. For the moment customer outside Sweden sends us an email regarding specified and inquired items.
2. We perform calculation and checking the estimated shipping costs for the actual products to the receiver.
3. After we have calculated a flat shipping rate regarding to the actual shipment, we send an offer to the customer.
4. Before we shipping the products from us, we send a payment request to the customer through PayPal via email.
5. When the payment is completed and registered in our payment system, we sending the goods to the receiver.

Don´t hesitate to contact our customer service here if you have any question regarding products, inquiries, requests, payment options or shipping options.