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Large sarong with mandala print in black & white color

Large sarong with mandala print in black & white color
Large sarong with mandala print in black & white color
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The sarongs are made of Rayon material which is an airy and lightweight material. Big measures of approx. 185 x 110 cm. All sarongs have fringes on the short sides, just like a sarong should have!
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Large sarong with mandala print in black & white color

Sarong for beach, sun and swimming in beautiful Rayon material. The material is durable and of the highest quality, at the same time it is thin and cool, which creates a wonderfully airy feeling around the body. The sarong has a large size of about 185 x 110 cm, which creates many different uses for this multifunctional garment. The vast majority of sarongs have knotted lashes on the short sides of the sarong.

Sarong for men, women, men, women, boys and girls

Unisex model that suits everyone! The sarong is perfect for various purposes such as the beach and works as an extra garment such as a skirt, dress or shawl. You also use it as a beach blanket and travel towel when you are traveling, for example. The rayon fabric dries very quickly and that is why each sarong is so popular to pack in the suitcase.

Material: 100% Rayon (Artificial Silk)
Color: Black & White
Dimensions: approx. 180 x 115 cm
Weight: Approx. 250 grams
Sarong type: Print
Knotted lashes on both short sides

Washing instructions: To preserve the sarong's fantastic colors, we always recommend hand washing. For several years, however, we have machine washed our own sarongs in 40 degrees without any problems.

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