Sarongs are one of the most iconic and timeless pieces of clothing originating from Southeast Asian cultures. Often made from thin and cool materials, these beautiful textiles have become popular worldwide for their simplicity, elegance and versatility. In this news post, we will explore the charm of sarongs and the different ways you can wear and use them.

The origin and cultural significance of the sarong

Sarongs have a long history and have been used in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines for centuries. These items of clothing have traditionally been part of the local culture and are used in ceremonies, parties and in everyday life. Each region and culture has its own unique patterns and color combinations.

Styles and patterns

Sarongs come in a variety of styles and designs, making them a fascinating fashion choice. Traditional designs can be inspired by nature, animals, geometric shapes and symbols while modern sarongs can be more experimental and include different prints and colors. There is something for every taste and personality when it comes to choosing a model and design.

Colorful sarongs from Thaidecco

Wearing a sarong - styles

One of the most exciting things about sarongs is their versatility when it comes to wearing styles. Here are some popular ways to use a sarong:

Beach blanket & sun mat:

A sarong is perfect to use as a beach blanket to protect you from the sun or lay on the sand for a relaxing moment by the sea. As a thin beach and sun mat, you protect yourself against sticky sand or rocks that are too rough.


With a few simple knots and folds, a sarong can be transformed into an elegant dress suitable for summer parties and evening activities. If you need to cover yourself with something simple when you have to quickly go past the restaurant or into the toilet, sarongs are perfect for this.

Sarong as dress from Thaidecco


A sarong can also be used as a pareo, which is a versatile and easy wrap skirt suitable for hot days or when you want to feel a little extra chic by the pool.

Headscarf & Shawl:

By folding and tying a sarong in different ways, it can be transformed into a stylish headscarf that gives you a relaxed and bohemian style. If the sun shines too brightly, you can protect your head and hair from the rays by wrapping the piece of cloth around part of your head.

Decoration & drapery:

In addition to being used as an item of clothing, sarongs can be used as a decorative drapery to add a tropical touch to your home or as a picnic blanket for outdoor outings. They can also be used for privacy protection for everything from ordinary windows, caravan and motor home windows or on the boat and car.

Sarongs for Men:

Sarongs are not only for women, they are also perfect for men as the range is large enough for everyone. Since the sarong fits everyone, this garment is also so popular with guys of all ages. A great complement and accessory for everyone!


Sarongs are a stunningly beautiful and versatile piece of clothing that has historical and cultural significance. Their charm and possibilities when it comes to different wearing styles make them an indispensable fashion choice for both women and men. Whether you're at the beach, going to a summer party or simply want to add a touch of exotic elegance to your wardrobe, a sarong will always be a great choice.