Thai cushions with folding pads for home and garden

When it comes to creating a lovely atmosphere on your terrace, balcony or living room, the choice of cushions and sun cushions is an important part. Thai pillows and Asian sunbeds have long been popular choices among Swedes, and there are good reasons for that. The pillows not only offer wonderful memories to those who have traveled to Thailand and experienced the pillows on site, they also deliver comfortable comfort and an exotic feel to the home.

Why Thai pillows and Thai sunbeds?

The Thai cushions and sunbeds are known for their characteristic design and comfortable comfort. They are made from an ancient history of craftsmanship with cotton fabric and Kapok filling designed to give you the perfect support and softness as you relax. This makes them the ultimate choice for long summer evenings and relaxing in the sun.

Practical cushions with versatility

Thai cushions and sun pads offer an endless variety of colors, patterns and sizes. Whether you prefer a minimalist style or something more colorful and lively, there are options to suit your taste and interior design style. You can easily adapt them to the aesthetics of your terrace or balcony. These pillows are known to last for many years without losing their shape or comfort. They are designed to withstand both indoor and outdoor conditions, however it is always recommended to store them under cover.

Thai pillows for home and garden

Easy to clean and maintain

If you are looking for sun pads that can withstand a few different types of weather including some rain showers, then you should coil in these Kapok padded cushions. They are easy to clean and retain their color and shape even after prolonged use.

Create your own personal oasis

With Thai cushions and sun pads, you can create your own personal oasis on your terrace or patio. Whether you want a relaxing place for reading, a place for social gatherings or a place to sunbathe, you can create the perfect outdoor environment with the right choice of Thai cushions and Thai pillows. Thai cushions and sunbeds are the perfect choice to transform your terrace or patio into a comfortable and harmonious outdoor space. With these in place, you can enjoy outdoor life in the best possible way. Explore our range of Thai cushions and sunbeds and create your lovely outdoor environment today!