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Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue

Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue
Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue
Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue
Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue
Shut The Box / Jackpot - Blue
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Shut The Box which is also called Jackpot is a small wooden game but really popular in every ages. The rules are simple, and it's probably also why this wooden game holds the entertainment charm that the game deserve!

Shut The Box is a really fun wooden game where all players are kept focused on each game round, with the hope that the current player is not able to turn all the wooden trays and get Jackpot. Mental arithmetic is also trained by dice sums are added and it is an educational and entertaining game also among the smaller ones in the family!

The player throws the two dice that results in amounts well from each of the dice as well as the total sum that is when the dice added together. Now we have to be able to turn on a wooden tray from numbers 1-9 and this is done either by taking the sum from one dice or add together the total of the two dices. The player must then roll the dices again and then turning a wooden tray between 1-9, roll the dice again and turn another wooden tray until all wooden trays between 1-9 are facing and Jackpot finally occurs - then we have a winner!

Handmade wooden board game Shut the box / Jackpot from Thailand
Material: Natural wood
​Color: Blue
Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 4,5 cm
Weight: 350 gram
Including 2 pcs. of dices in wood

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